God Sent To Illume And Unite In Heaven's 2020 Vision!

May God In His Love And Mercy Send Manifold Miracles, And Whatever

Else Is Needed To Propel Divided Mistaken Christendom Into Heaven's

Unity And Truth, The Blessing Which Christ So Passionately Prayed For!

"...the  Lord  working  with  them, and confirming the word with signs following" (Mark 16:20).

"And  God  wrought special miracles, divers miracles, of the Holy Ghost”  (Ac 19:11, Heb 2:4).

And Beyond Special Miracles (Confirming Truth), Will It Take FIRE AND FAMINE To Awaken

And And Bring About Heaven's Unity As Jesus Prayed ForSee Section Two Below!   

   Our world certainly needs eye opening miracles and special acts of God to lead mistaken and divided Christians into greater truth, and to uproot religious misconceptions often being skillfully and quite sincerely painted as truth.  Our world is filled with disagreeing churches, which somehow rather than finding greater truth, all seem to perpetually find better ways to paint their errors as truth.  And insomuch that many have concluded there is no such thing as truth, or conclude doctrines which starkly disagree with one another can both be truth.  A special quote says, “The Devil Don’t Stand A Chance”, however as I look at our present world, I perceive without some great miracle or shaking from heaven, “greater truth as should be found, don’t have a chance”.  Interestingly Amos is saying this while another Amos said something similar saying, "Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD... a famine... not a famine of bread… and they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it." (Amos 8:11-12).  

        But thank God Jesus came to break this bitter famine, coming to earth to evangelize the poor, deliver captives, heal the broken hearted, give sight to the blind, and set at liberty the bruised (Luke 4:18).  And yes, even further God in our day has provided an abundance of stunning miracles to further Christ's wonderful effort among us today!  Christ certainly wants our world's bitter famine of truth and related captivities to end, and desires unity in His truth which He not without reason declare makes free.  Herewith see the video on the right, a video which includes many miracles and a crucial comment pointed toward a special imprisoned Christian (as well as others).  Yes, Jesus certainly cares about our world which Isaiah 14:12-17 gives a very dismal picture of saying, “O Lucifer … THOU SHALT BE BROUGHT DOWN TO HELL …the man [of sin] that made the earth to tremble That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners" (Isa 14:12-17).    Yes, the man of sin has sadly distorted, as well as thrust out God’s good law, which Apostle James declared the perfect law of liberty, and therewith cruelly imprisoned our world!  And sadly too many Christians mistakenly further the prison rather than setting captives free.


   I never noticed how unique the above date was until God set similar unique dates around a special 21 day fast, those being 1/11/2022 and 2/2/2022.  And further seen fit that my dentures were demolished during the fast, and even further leaving me without teeth for exactly 21 days.  The many ones and twos made me think of the blessing of advancing from being divided and alone to unity in truth as Jesus passionately prayed for!  It was then I somehow discovered the similar date 11/22/2020 was the date of the special below meeting, which included a crucial message at a most meaningful place and further a prophecy which called out my very name with a message amazingly fitting my situation . 

A Crucial Video!

  At 4 minutes 30 seconds my very name is prophetically called out (11/22/2020).  More of the meeting with many vital aspects that can be seen on Video 2 at PleaseWatchThem.com.   A related site is PleaseReadThem.com.

Meaningful Image

God Provided Near Valentines 2023! 

To Unite Hearts And Bring Unity With 2020 Vision As Jesus Prayed For Often Requires Turning Around.  As Yes, God Provided An Amazing Example Of This At Valentines 2023!

Although It Is Much More Difficult For Churches To Turn Around Than Individuals, And Groups Largely Never Turn Around, May Even Churches Turn Around To Bring About The Unity In Truth Jesus Prayed For!

The page on the left gives vivid instructions on what individuals and Churches must do to unitedly March Forth with 2020 Vision.  Interestingly about two years after creating this page I was impressed with how the date March 4th 2020  almost declares March Forth with 2020 vision.  Therewith I got curious what I might have created on that date and searched my computer to see what I might have created on March Forth 2020 and this is  what I found (and I think the only file on my computer with that date).   And yes it gives vivid instructions what must be done to March Forth with 2020 vision.  God provided this amazing image inside a heart shaped tree that fell Valentines Eve 2019.  And Yes, I was passionately praying religious errors would fall like tall dead trees and thinking especially of the Valentines subject!

Signs On Our Property Sharing Miracles

During nearly 40 years of seeking solid rock truth (and on many subjects), God has sent many guiding miracles.  And therewith has almost saturated our property with miracles.  Recently I placed small signs around our property near to where the miracles occurred.  The document below shares more than ten signs sharing various meaningful miracles, each page of the document being a sign as erected.  Note, although most of the signs share miracles with a liberating message, however God's law of love must be zealously followed, as it is what matters and greatly matters!  A law that focuses on kindness and open hearted humility, and therewith earnestly seeking to please our creator and to bless our fellow men, because we love both others and our creator.  Note, the first page of the document gives a conclusion about the many miracles and signs .  

ss All signs on one.pdf

Note A Video Tour Of Our Property Showing The

Erected Signs Can Be Seen At This Link PleaseWatchThem.com Video 12

Picnic Area

Camp Site

Below Is A Crucial Document That Relates To All The Above And More. 

As I began to realize how God aligned special things on special dates I began noticing even more unique dates with special events, and found God on March 4th 2020 provided amazing instructions on what Christians must do to unitedly March 4th with 2020 vision!   See the story on page 2 below!  And don't miss the astonishing rain prophecy also pointed out on page 2!   God cares about both unity and vision and wants to provide a special rain, and could it be the latter rain of which Apostle James spoke of?

11 22 2020 wow 2P 10.pdf

Dutch Sheets 

Section Two

In Addition To Miracles Will It Also

Take Fire And Famine To Awaken And

Bring About A Gathering Together With Heaven's Truth  As Jesus Prayed For?

God Warns The Church And Wants To Bless It With Solid Rock Truth!

A Striking Dream Had Shortly Be-

fore The Fiery Trade Tower Event.   May People  Turn To God Early And Minimize The Burnings The Dream May Point To!  

This Occurred At A Most Meaning-ful Time!  See


 A Prelude?  Is This What It Will Take To Get Us locked-Proud Humans To Open Our Minds And Eyes, Prior To Mouths?


   Although most churches wisely agree that the Bible way is the right way,  however they are very disagreed on what the Bible way is.  And as time moves on, churches rather than unitedly finding the Bible way (heaven's 2020 vision) seem to only get better at somehow painting their errors as truth.   Largely just becoming more accustomed to and better at over emphasizing some Scriptures while not giving due regards to others.  Too often Churches also are experts at focusing on theologies and subjects that are popular, while largely ignoring subjects that are not, although possibly most important and vital to real life.  The subject of doctrines of devils forbidding marriage and the many harsh related branches is often ignored, being an ignored elephant in the room.  However God greatly cares about the subject and has spoken on it with an abundance of miracles.  And further while it is very popular to proclaim Jesus Jesus, it is very unpopular to advocate what He really advocated.   Shortly before the 9/11 trade tower destruction, I had a dream which bore the message, "There will be no gatherings till I burn their hives".   This message being written in a smoky cloud, which had derived from a huge bear that  ascended from the earth and had disintegrated in the sky.  Although difficult and unwanted, that burning or burnings appear to be exactly what may be needed to unlock minds and open eyes and bring about the gathering together with unity and heaven's vision Jesus prayed for, yes the blessing 11/22/2020 stands for.  Yes, a treasure and pearl of great price, having promise for both this life and eternity, and of much more value than mere earthly goods (Matt 13:44-46, 1 Tim 4:8).   And God certainly knows just how much burning it will take to get people really sober, and to turn from what is highly esteemed among men, and mistaken religious walls and laws, and to unite in Heaven's crucial truth, and which includes the perfect law of liberty, preached by Him who came to set the captives free.

Astonishing Events Pointing to Fire And Famine.

Fire At Our Home Stops Special Cookie Making (May 8, 2021)

Our Picnic Area Path, And Food Kettle Stunningly Blocked (Aug 27, 2020)

 In the spring of 2021 I had many 2020 Valentine's Calendars left, which shared a stunning miracle(s) on the subject, and thus decided to fold them up and give them away as they were outdated.  And in doing so was completely stunned at how the calendars folded, placing a perfect point on the heart.   And being amazed at how the calendars folded, on May 8, 2021 I was planning to make some special cookies to give away, and together with the cookies share the folded calendar and a page telling of stunning miracles God had done.  The butter was softened ready to make the cookies, and the labels and papers prepared.  But instead of making the miracle sharing cookies as planned, I at that very time ended up dealing with a grievous fire at our home.  This incident stunned me for a time, and had be greatly wondering why God allowed such a fire to occur at such a time.  I greatly wondered what God might have been saying by allowing this.  I thought surely God did not mean to refrain from sharing His many meaningful miracles, miracles encouraging Biblical matters and confirming His good and non oppressive Word.  In my perplexation it then came to me that God by allowing this fire halt the cookies was simply and clearly confirming parties halting (a famine),  as He had vividly shown shortly before, as well as showing it will take more than cookies and miracles, ect, to get people to unlock their minds and open their eyes, and rather take a burning, as shown in the unique bear and smoke dream.  God stopping the cookies by the fire, certainly aligned with how He less than nine months prior portrayed a food shortage and parties stopping, by stunningly blocking both our path to our picnic area and our food kettle, with a tree that fell in an astonishing manner.  Just hours prior to the tree falling, which amazingly blocked things as such, I noticed the tree had died and wondered how to cut the tall tree down, but did not need to wonder for long, as within hours the tree fell on its own and stunningly blocked both our path and food kettle I had just placed there.  See photos on lower right.  And just how many miracles, and how much fire and famine ect will it take to awaken and bring about unity with heaven's 2020 vision as Jesus prayed for!  And should we imagine it will take less shaking to motivate our divided Christian world to advance to unity with 2020 vision (11/22/2020), than for Muslims to advance to heaven's truth?  And even further, with regards to the fire at our home, the Bible states judgement must begin at the house of God, while none of us are exempt from God's purging fire. 

Regarding the cookies, however I did end up making the cookies the very next day, with such being on Mother's day and uniquely 7 years after a most special Mother's day, involving a stunning rock miracle.  On Mother's Day seven years prior, I told a special prayer team about a massive rock uniquely buried in our front lawn near the road and in front of our front door, which I felt symbolized truth being buried and needing to come forth, as well as symbolized my efforts being largely buried.  They then had a special prayer on my behalf, and believe it or not, the next morning when I went to Fox News to read the headlines as was habit, it was published a rock about the size of the one buried in our lawn was blasted out of the ground and jaunted a short distance and miraculously stopped 12 inches before striking a church, with the front of the rock appearing like a massive bullet perfectly aligned with the church!  God certainly is warning and speaking to the Church, and may we hear early and therewith minimize the burning needed to awaken and bring about the blessing 11/22/2020 stands for.  

 The Coming Crash

God Sends A Stunning Thunderbolt At A Stunning Time To Confirm It!

God already in 1990 in a vivid dream showed me a famine combined with a much needed uniting and revival of truth.  And  yes, other dreams therewith revealed a coming burning and crash.  Nevertheless in 2006 I somewhat began to question if I had been misled in my expectations as nothing seemed to ever occur, and God knowing my perplexations confirmed His message in a powerful way. Because of thinking a crash was coming I never wanted to get very involved with any major business undertaking, but in 2006 my son needed a shop and I felt I needed to build a quite large shop. Thus I went to the lumber yard very much thinking about my long held expectations of a crash, and yes wondering if somehow I was misled in so much expecting such.  With these thoughts closely by me, while at the counter making my material order suddenly an astounding bolt of thunder struck, greatly startling all of us, and causing the lady behind the counter to jerk and spill her coffee over herself. Yes it was a tremendous bolt of thunder and further there was none other before or after.  I did not tell the people in the office what I had been thinking about, but soon after when I returned, a man at the desk asked me if I brought the thunder along again, and further said he would not forget it for a long time.  Yes God clearly confirmed the crash He had shown me!  Speaking to a religious friend about these issues, he somewhat laughed, which together with disappointing me reminded me of how difficult it is to get people really sober.  But in the crash laughing will stop, and at least some will open their minds and eyes, rather than only haughty mouths.  Although God gave the two witnesses of God, spoken of in Revelations 11:3-10, special power of miracles and plagues to thereby stir up and open eyes and minds, nevertheless for a time they were overcome and dead, and therewith the closed hearted and blind, frivolously rejoiced, partied, and were sending gifts to one another.  A time, when possibly more than ever, people drew near to God with their mouth and honored Him with their lips, but their hearts were closed and far from Him (Matt 15:8).  And possibly a time like none other of people having a supposed form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof (2Tim 3:5)!  The shaking plagues of the special witnesses of God, certainly align with crashes of all kinds and God saying their will be no gathering till I burn their hives as in the above dream.  Yes, unfortunately  it will take God ordained plagues and crashes (not only teachings and guiding miracles) to unlock minds and open eyes and bring about unity with heaven's vision as Jesus prayed for.  And my prayer is that those who have become experts at painting old popular errors  as truth, and those to whom Jesus would say, "Full well ye reject the commandment of God that ye may keep your own tradition", and even the lawless could discover God's good truth and ways (Mark 7:9).  And may I discover the same!  And may we realize in a new way that kindness, love, and open hearted humility, and therewith honestly seeking truth and to bless our fellow men are things God cares about and what really matters!  

Image God Painted Valentines 2019

Below In Due Time I hope To Share Many Many More Crucial And Guiding Miracles God Has Sent In An Organized Manner.

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